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logo Izolace Sivák 10 letSivák izolace spol. s r.o. was established in May 1998 to continue the activities begun in August 1990 by Mr. Antonín Sivák as a sole trader.

The firm provides complete supply and installation of heating, cooling, acoustic and fire insulation for air-conditioning systems, with fire-resistance certificates. It holds a valid certificate of qualification to install fire-resistant insulation including HILTI systems. The firm operates in civil engineering and in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It supplies flashing and encasing systems made of aluminium, steel and galvanized sheet metal for pipelines, fittings, valves, tanks- and air-conditioning equipment. The priority of the firm is to provide work consistent of high quality, strictly meeting delivery terms, thanks to which it wins orders both at home and abroad.

Business sectors:

Power engineering: boiler-rooms, interchanger equipment, tanks.
Food industry: cold distribution, cooling units and extras.
Cooling: rozvody chladu, chlad.jednotky a přísluąenství.
Chemical industry
Water treatment plants and other industry fields, where energy savings are desired.

From references: Latvia - 1st period

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